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5529 Hay Road, Vacaville CA. 95687
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5529 Hay Road, Vacaville CA. 95687  Toll-Free: (800) 340-2772  Main: (707) 447-4973  Fax: (707) 455-8465

& Kennels

Private Lessons

This is an opportunity for you to learn how to train your dog, supervised one-on-one with a trainer. Hands-on techniques will be demonstrated and reinforced by your instructor.

Advantages to these lessons:        

Total attention to your needs
More trainer-dog attention
Specific problem behaviors addressed
You learn as your dog learns


Board  & Train

Too busy to train your dog? Our trainers will take your dog for a month, feed and play with him/her twice a day, walk and care for him/her stays with us. This will include two private lessons for you where the trainer will ensure you understand the techniques and commands.


All the difficult work is done for you
Your dog gets a chance to socialize with
          other handlers and other dogs
You get a break from the pressure an
          untrained dog can put on you

Alan's Canine Training

Alan’s Canine is dedicated to providing the means to reach the highest level of comfort and happiness between all dogs and their owners. The decision to bring your dog to a professional trainer is an important step in reaching this goal. Taking this step brings you closer to having a relationship between you and your dog filled with quality , loyalty and respect.

Alan uses years of experience combined with an unquestionable, natural talent with dogs to help you understand and learn the methods that will make life with your dog as enjoyable as it can be.

We offer two training approaches from which to choose:

What is learned

The goal of basic training is teaching your dog to mind. The general principle is to direct him/her to do what you say at the moment you say it. We approach this goal by teaching commands such as “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Heel”, and “Down”. Once you have accomplished these commands, other undesirable behaviors can be modified with the same effort and control.

Does your dog misbehave when it’s dinner time?

Once he has learned the basic commands, you will be able to tell him to “Go to your place”. He knows you are in control and there are repercussions to his actions.

Is your dog aggressive toward people or other dogs?

Your consistent training will keep him from attacking others just by using your “Stay”, “Heel”, or “Down” command.

Does your dog make excessive noise?

Practicing your techniques of training, you can successfully teach your dog when and where it is appropriate to make noise.

No matter what problems you have with your dog, there is still hope in creating a loving, lasting relationship with him/her. Alan’s canine training will provide the guidance and assistance needed to reach that goal.
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